Friday, May 27, 2011

Pale Yellow Iris

Pale Yellow Iris 6x6 oil, copyright 2011
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While the weather has been particularly volatile this month, there have been a few break here and there.  During one of the those I tromped down to the creek with my pastels.  That wasn't a successful endeavour, though it was a pleasant one.  A few days later another break came and back out I went, this time only as far as the front yard.  The wind kept tossing my brushes and my subjects around and the wind dried the paint quickly, but I tried to capture a bit of that movement rather than fight it.  The iris I have now are of the simple, unbearded (beardless?) variety and are a bit smaller and more delicate looking than the more popular types.  Only two of them are yellow, and they really pop when surrounded by purple.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poster style print now available

After a long absence due to other obligations (ie kids) I've decided to take the plunge into prints.  The first one will be a bit of an experiment, though I suspect it will have a ready built audience to some extent.  With the go-ahead of the owner of the original, I am now offering a print of the pastel, Desire, on  Rather than going with a straight forward print though, I've made it more poster-like.  That way she still has a unique and original piece of artwork, but the general public gets something too.  And a guitar seems an appropriate subject for a poster.  The size of the poster is 12 x 16, which preserves the size of the original pastel while making the poster large enough to fit a standard size wall frame.

I'm hoping people will take this one to concerts with them this summer, on the off chance of getting a band member to sign it.  If you should get so lucky, I'd love to see your picture of my poster with The Edge's autograph on it!

I'm thinking about offering a few other prints with this same sort of template.  Photoshop can be a bit tricky since it can be so complicated, but I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it.  The next one will probably be Nautilus, I'll post it once I get time to breathe.