Monday, December 13, 2010

Painted Pony, again

Painted Pony, County Clare, Ireland 2x9 pastel, copyright 2010

Since I couldn't seem to get the image I used for the Virtual Paintout out of my head, I decided there was no point in fighting it any longer.  While the kids went to play in the snow during their unscheduled day off, I sat down at the easel and worked on this pastel.  It didn't take too long, about an hour and a half I think, probably because I had already worked it out in pencil.  It looks a little too orange on my monitor  but otherwise came out okay.  The colors are more muted than usual for me, but that seemed fitting, as I am guessing the photo was taken in the early morning.


  1. It's another beautiful work of art Erica. I'm awed by your ability to just sit down and do this in an hour and a half. Glad you had a productive day!

  2. Thanks Tracey! Sometimes snow days are a good thing. And hopefully someday we will both get to the Emerald Isle, maybe even together!

  3. I'm glad you coloured it, this is beautiful.