Monday, February 7, 2011


Mystras with Lemons and Geraniums 9 x 12 pastel, copyright 2011

Snow was falling once again as I worked on this pastel earlier today.  Since I have not been able to convince my husband that we should move to Belize, I decided the best I could was a painting of someplace warm.

Mystras (pronounced mees-TRAS) is a Byzantine period site in the mountains overlooking ancient Sparta. Churches, a monastery and the palace are still largely intact or carefully restored.  It is a beautiful place, though the narrow, winding road we took to reach it was a rather unnerving drive through morning fog.

I still haven't decided about the Richardson pastel paper.  I'm wondering if maybe the dark red was not the right color choice, and that it might be influencing my color choices too much.  Cool colors seem too cool, and I think I'm overcompensating by making all the paintings too warm.  Or maybe it does work, and I'm just too worried about the colors being "correct" and too used to working on a more neutral background.


  1. Nice Erica....I love the feel of the painting.
    I have not used the Richardson paper.
    I could use a trip to Belize about now!

  2. Thanks Bonnie! The Richardson paper has a pretty rough texture, I'm hoping it mostly just a matter of adjusting my style a bit. It's my understanding that Wallis paper is also pretty rough, I haven't tried it yet. And yes, someplace without snow sounds really good, doesn't it?