Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Forsythia in bloom

Forsythia Hedge 12x9 pastel, copyright 2012

The mild winter and early spring has meant an abundance of blooms everywhere.   Forsythia is a common bush around here since it is one of the first plants to flower.  One of our neighbors has a yard lined with them, and this year they were fuller than I have ever seen.  The bright flowers made a wonderful contrast to the dark evergreens behind, especially in the early morning sun.  There is an old saying, "Three snows after the forsythia blooms", but it's looking like that won't happen this year.


  1. This is a great painting Erica. Colour balance, compostion everything is good.

  2. Thank you Sue! I think my workshop has paid off with this one. The fact that everything has been blooming like mad this year certainly helped too.