Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fair sunflower

Sunflower study 8x10 pastel, copyright 2012

Last Thursday I was back at the Preble County Fair for a demo, this time trying my hand at an award winning sunflower.  Two sunflowers actually, but the second just wasn't working for me.  It was erased and cropped out so that I could focus on this one.  Although I love to paint sunflowers, my heart wasn't all that into it that day.  I did take a few photos though, so I may try again later.  And again, I just can't get enough of that blue!

Friday evening I was back, supposedly to paint again, this time with a group of artists.  There was a bit of chatting before most of them got to work, but I couldn't seem to focus.  Instead I ended up wandering around the fair getting frustrated with my camera's inability to take good night shots and eventual dead batteries.  A few of them did turn out, and hopefully I will find inspiration in one of them.  Or even better, I may borrow inspiration from a friend who has a much nicer camera.


  1. Sorry I haven't been by - summer holidays :)

    You've posted some lovely work in the last month.

    1. Thanks Sue! I'm not good about commenting, but I have been following your adventures. It looks like you are having a very inspiring and productive holiday indeed!