Monday, February 1, 2010

Online Contest

In a previous post I mentioned an online art contest I was thinking of entering, and asked for opinions on which painting I should use. The feedback was interesting, as a number of you chose pieces I really wasn't expecting and the choices were all over the map. After a lot of thought I finally narrowed it down to one and entered last night, just making the end-of-the-month deadline for January. Turned out waiting to last minute was not a bad thing, as my piece is on the first page of entries.

There were several reasons I chose Lingering Clouds at Sunset. First, a few different people said they liked it. Also, it is a fairly recent piece, unlike a few of the others. Also, when I read the fine print I realized a signature had to be visible somewhere in the image. Careful inspection of a few of the others revealed this wasn't always the case. It's something I'll need to correct when I get the chance. There's also the fact that I really like this one. The sky is one of my favorite subjects - when you live in the country it is often the most dominant thing in the landscape, particularly at dawn and dusk.

I'm not sure when the awards will be announced. It appears there are over 700 entries, so imagine it will take awhile to sort through them all. I will let everyone know the results as soon as I get them. Thanks to everyone for the help!

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