Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

After a frantic two weeks of art camp, vacation, a quick visit with friends, a family gathering, and unexpectedly early arrival of my nephew, the 4th seemed like the perfect day to relax.  I had intended to paint a bit, but never quite got to it.

My husband and our daughter decided to take our inflatable kayak for a short trip down Twin Creek.  When their arrival time approached, I walked to the creek to help them disembark.  While I sat waiting on the roots of a sycamore leaning over the water it occurred to me that it would be a good spot for a plein air pastel, with plenty of bright light, deep shadows and interesting reflections.  But then a kingfisher came cruising downstream with minnows in its beak, and swallowtail butterflies flitted about searching for the last of the flox, and damselflies hunted mosquitoes around the still pools.  When a bullfrog hopped out of the water and sat on the bank at my feet, I decided that sometimes it's best to just sit and look and appreciate without trying to capture it all on canvas and paper.

Maybe I'll paint tomorrow.

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