Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The new and improved blog

Welcome! In this blog I will be sharing my thoughts primarily on art but also archaeology and life in general. After 15 years as an archaeologist, I decided two years ago to pursue a dream of mine, to become a professional artist. It's been a sometimes frustrating, often rewarding journey. I have questioned the wisdom of the decision a few times, but have not yet regretted it.

If you have been following my progress for awhile, I'm sure you've noticed the rather sudden change in my blog. While I've been happy overall with my web site, I found the blog template very limiting, and decided to make the switch. You can find the old blog on my site, under the heading "blog archive". You will also find that I've eliminated a few images and galleries as I have trying to make the site slimmer and more cohesive.

If you are new to me, I encourage you to visit my site, where you will find many images of my artwork, as well as an artist statement and biography. I also have a Facebook fan page that everyone is welcome to join.

As a preview, I have posted one of my favorite oil paintings. It hung on my bedroom wall until it was sold last month and given as a Christmas gift.

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