Sunday, January 23, 2011

Country Road in Winter

Country Road in Winter 6 x 6 oil, copyright 2011

Our little one lane country road stretches for about 2 1/2 miles through open fields, wood lots and pasture.  It doesn't really go anywhere, which means there's not a lot of traffic; things are pretty quiet out here.  This particular stretch at the end of our driveway is a straight shot through the valley of Twin Creek before it starts gently sloping up out of the valley in the distance.  The hardest part was getting the perspective right.  I had to wipe the distant trees twice before I finally realized I was painting them too large and too detailed. 

For this one I used a black acrylic wash before starting; some of it shows through on the road and shadows on the right.  The oil paint is quite a bit thinner than the last two, especially in the sky where you can see a bit of the texture of the primer.  It's been a great to experiment with different with techniques, seeing what works best in each situation.


  1. this is a great painting. I love your style Erica! Sometimes I do a really dark blue under painting and I like how that sometimes peeks thru. I am liking the paintings you have been posting!!

  2. I like all the recent paintings. This one looks like you have a huge storm heading your way - one with several tons of snow in it.

  3. I like this painting a lot. It really gives me a snapshot of your country lane and the vastness that is the open country. I look at this and can hear the quietness of the country.