Monday, January 17, 2011

Starving Artists Invitational

To give a quick update on the show are the Preble County Fine Arts Center: the reception was this Saturday, and we had a good turn out.  Most of the artists were able to come, and thanks to some good press from Twin Valley Publications (the Advertiser), the Palidium Item in Richmond and the Register Herald in Eaton, we got quite a few guests as well.  I tried scanning the Advertiser's article (I'm quoted in that one), but it's just a little too big - or rather, my scanner is too small!

I like the idea of artists getting together socially.  I've talked to most of them through my job at Arts Center, but it's nice to get to know them personally for a change.  I think it's good for the public as well.  I wonder if a lot of people are intimidated by art and artists.  There's a perception of elitism that has been perpetuated by artists at the highest level, and I think that's what most people expect.  And I often hear "I don't know anything about art".  I wish more people had the opportunity to meet with artists, to talk to them about why they create and to hear their stories about individual pieces.  That personal connection is important, and that's something I'm trying to achieve with this blog.

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  1. Glad you had a good turn out and good publicity too.

    I think events like this and blogs like yours can/do break preconceptions and make art more accessible.