Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter shows

Just a quick mention, a plug for myself and the Preble Fine Arts Center.  The current show at the Arts Center is the Starving Artists Invitational Show, now through the end of the month.  There are 13 artists total in this show, myself included.  There's a pretty good range of work, from ceramics to mixed media to painting and drawing and photography. Everyone is from the area and most are from Preble County.  The artists have agreed to donate an extra amount from the sale of one item to the Art Center, so it's a fundraiser as well.  Personally, I have three paintings and three pastels in the show.  For all the locals, a reception/ meet and greet will be held this Saturday from 2-4.

There are also a number of other shows coming up, and I will need to make some decisions about which ones to enter.  There's one in Kettering (a Dayton suburb) for example, that I've tried to get into several times without success.  Should I try again, or am I just wasting my time and money?  And there's also the Randolph County show which keeps getting better and bigger.  That one I will definitely be in, it's more a matter of choosing the right piece.  Perhaps I will avoid landscapes this year, since they seem to be the most popular subject, and maybe it will make me stand out in the crowd a bit.  We shall see....

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