Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter's Deep

Winter's Deep 12 x 9 pastel, copyright 2011

I have had more than enough of snow and cold, to point of wishfully looking up real estate in Belize last night.  You wouldn't know it from my paintings though.   I guess since I haven't painted snow much before this winter I feel the need to practice and perfect it.  And there is certainly no shortage of subject matter, with more on the way later this week.

This one was actually started more than a week ago, but wasn't quite right.  The Richardson paper is a dark brick red and I unconsciously chose warmer colors to go with it - which is the wrong choice when paining snow.  The original intention was to make it foggy, but that failed utterly.  I came back to it today, toning down the reds and pinks a bit with blues and yellows and defining the trees quite a bit more.  A friend recently pointed out that I had not been including the white trunks of sycamores, which are prevalent in river bottoms around here, so I will be making more of an effort to include them from now on.  I'm happy to have the feedback - I'm okay with criticism, as long as it's constructive!


  1. I absolutely love this painting! I know I always like your work, but this really grabbed my attention and I think it is the white tree trunks that stand out in it and pull the eye upwards. Your trees are great too - best winter ones yet, I think. And you know how I feel about trees.

  2. Yes, I know how you feel about trees - you will have to come and see those exact trees yourself this spring. ;)

  3. I like the colours in this, reminds me of a reflected winter sunset in the woods.